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Sunday, December 22, 2013

-O.R.- Unloading & Activity Brief (Banding 2)

It's time to unload a truck -full items!

It’s a rental trailer which cost about RMXXX.xx?!
There was kayaks, dingy, generator, aluminum boat, water pump generator, tents, camps, water tank, barrels, dry food ingredients, ropes, activity’ equipment…..blah blah
All had to be loaded into a boat-house without leaving any space vacant!

What about us? Boat?


we were using kayaks or canoe to get to the island, well….in kayaking formation.

It took almost 2 hours of kayaking time accompanied by the sunshine! My dear arms and shoulder~~


Trailer' here!


This part will show the photo of my campsite~
                                      Camp Management' routine
Setup TnB

Dapur (Kitchen)

Tables in progress

In making of Toilet 

Stairs in steep area to prevent accident~---

Night' Talk
Actually, i rather called it Hypnotic‘ time. hehe

Someone will pretend to listen while sleeping

This is the presentation of group' flags
We got 4 groups in total.
Group name was gotten from the anatomy of Kayak

This was my group

Sunset view

Night view
Quite charming, isn't
Alrite, to be continued~
(But still, photos of good quality took a looong time)

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