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Friday, May 2, 2014

手工披萨 Homemade Pizza

Bought a pack of Mozzarella Cheese from mall, then decided to make Pizza in Chinese New Year! 

I'm prepared 1/2  Hotdog + 1/2 Crab stick
because My mum got seafood allergy.


Made a spiral swirl with Hotdog liked Pizza hxt.
Couldn't finish the swirl as the Hotdog ran out.

Recipe adopted from Carol 老师Homemade Pizza
Easy recipe but take time to wait for dough to proof!

更多的戚风 Chiffon & More

First Attempt after bought the mini chiffon rack.
A very GOOD recipe in making small chiffon for teatime ! 
I even add-up this recipe in making 21cm chiffon^^
I only used 50g of sugar to reduce the sweetness (too sweet for my family).

The same recipe from Jane.
An Orange Chiffon.
Result from adding the sweet flakes and choco chips, it just nonstick and collapse from the rack during cooling time.
Anyway, my sis love the choco inside!

The previous post of Moist Durian Chiffon
Never resist the King of all fruits!

Oops! I forgot to take picture of recent Chiffon (1/2 Rice Glutinous Flour + 1/2 Cake Flour)
A Super Tender Soft Chiffon I ever made!

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