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Sunday, December 22, 2013


This will be my first, little something official blog post about my study.
Outdoor Recreation?
Does it sound familiar? Or did you guys ever heard of it?
Err……actually it means doing some that you love to do in your free time out of building!
I really meant it, out of the building!

Back to my topic!
This is my 10 Days 9 Nights camping activity in Banding Island, Malaysia.
The whole course mates (46) and a few facilitators and the Outdoor Skills’ Lecturer. It made it up close to 70 peoples stuck in the island.
Before camping, transferring of letters, meeting among A.J.K., listing items needed, loading a trailer-full items into trailer to be transported…blah blah blah…
During camping activity, We did a lot of setup, the kitchen’, logistic’, activity’, security’, centre’ camp, sleeping’ camp, toilets and arrangements…
After camping, whole lots of cleaning had to be done…

Plus, not forget the activities that so catch your attention.
We managed to do a lot of kayaking, night kayaking, kayak orienteering, water confident, water sport, camp management, and a lot more!
It do remind me that, Carrying up the kayaks from shoreline up steep onto the kayak’ store, exhausted!!!!
I think it’s time for me to show more pictures than talk to myself in front of my laptop~~~lalala

 Brief Photo Show for today!Ta Da
(actually uploading process take ages to be complete (=,=)
Serve & Eat

Just like in sardine-can situation

Washing dishware 

Setup of generator store & tables
Blades & B.A.

Bringing the Floating Deck to the shore

Passing through the trees

off to the shore

Almost there, GUYS!


Up turn the deck

In count of 1..




Ta Daaa

Continue working time

Water confident time!!

Plenty of striking sunlight do make us looked healthy with tanned skin, hehe~

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