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Saturday, April 26, 2014

A New Member in Our Family,Little Piggy

This is a pending post, though.
I knew my blog had filled with emptiness since last post on Feb, laziness occupied me!

Hedgehog is here! Not a porcupine!!

It is a he, cute and spiny friend!
I named it Little Piggy because it ate and sleep like piglet~~

Naming came to be the most difficult part and I just got the name a few days ago.
Little Piggy was born in 15 Feb 2014, was now 1 month 10 days old.
Hedgie consume high protein cat food, vegetable and fruit can also be included in the daily diet.
Needed daily workout like ordinary pet dog did too!

I didn’t use the shred bedding since I read through a few article strongly recommended not to used bedding and it will eventually bring side effect to their respiratory system and mite problem.
I had prepared a flannel fabric as blanket for Little Piggy

To be honest, I actually poked by its spine a few times and it did shed blood (just like you got poke by a needle), but not a big deal at all.

Here’s the pictures!
I’m may be spiky but I am so an adorable pet!!

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